Untitled photo

Geert Kollau (1978) is a Dutch mixed-media/photo artist, who, after having lived over a decade a tumultuous live in Amsterdam, has returned to his roots in the south of The Netherlands to fully focus on his work as an artist. With many thanks to ADHD Geert has always been highly conscious of the world surrounding him, which inspired him to start visualizing his impressions through art.

In the course of time he has developed his own recognizable style using a mixture of images of past, present and future to express his socially critical look. Geert has become a visual storyteller and like the old Dutch masterpainters he uses a lot of symbolism in his work, but also portraits people in personified artworks. His goal is not to impose his opinion, but to stimulate people’s awareness. In his rural situated studio Geert brings his imagination to life creating life-sized settings, serving as a base for his artworks, using models and other images to tell the story. His studio is like a safe haven, where he can escape city- and day-to-day life to free his creativity and structure his impressions to create hís story.

His work has brought Geert recognition throughout the world and resulted in taking part at Overture Art Basel Miami 2012, exhibitions in Amsterdam, Monte-Carlo, Ibiza, Rotterdam etc. , a unique collaboration and duo exposition with Julian Lennon and many more. In 2014 shows are scheduled in Milan, New York, Hong Kong, Ascona (CH), Bruges (BE), Amsterdam, Singapore etc..